..to my “evil” twin sister’s place in Seattle. I know I was just there, but this time everyone is coming. Mom, younger sis, the Wifey and the Unbearable Cuteness of Being.

We’re just wondering how loud the boy is gonna get on that plane.

I saw this story about a survey to pinpoint the most depressing age in one’s life. After surveying a ton of people, the study pinpointed the age of 44. They said folks are happiest in their twenties and in old age.

I’m 42 and I totally get it. People in your life start dropping like flies when you hit yer mid-forties. Not just close family and friends, but all those celeb types you grew up with.
I’m not saying Marilyn Chambers and Mark Fidrych played huge roles in my childhood, but I remember them clearly; Chambers was a large part of San Francisco folklore and the Bird came up when my pops was taking me to Fenway back in the day.

I was gonna ponder this a lot more, but I’d rather draw a comic strip about it.

See you at Stumptown and the Food As Art event for the CD Forum (with my Mom!!)


Hi Keith,

I just wanted to write to say that I love your comic. I’ve been reading it every week on
Salon for years, and since my wife was diagnosed with aggressive lung cancer 5 months ago
(she died a week ago today) it’s been invaluable to my mental health. Babies! So cute!
Honestly, I’ve been so happy every time a new strip comes out, nice to have a comic so
kind and friendly yet with no undertones of crazed religious self-hatred (that I’ve
noticed). Thanks for letting me and everyone else into your happy, gross, new-baby world.

keep up the good work,

(*sigh*..my heart goes out to you, man.-kk)

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