..at my “Evil” twin sister’s T(ea) Gallery for an in-store signing. Come on by, have some tea and cookies, check out some original comic art and pick up a book. It’s happening next Friday, April 3rd, from 3pm-6pm.

I’ll also be at the Emerald City Con (Apr. 4th and 5th at the Washington State Trade and Convention Center). It’s a con I did years ago when it was just starting out. I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s grown.


Hey Keef,

I wanted to see please, if you could include a mention about earthhour
on your next blog post. If you haven’t heard, it’s a world wide
movement to get 1 billion people to turn off all of their lights
between 8:30-9:30 pm on Sat March 28th, as a vote to persuade the
nations leaders to start working against global warming. If you leave
your lights on, it means you are voting in favor of Global Warming! :)

Anyways, I am trying to spread the word, and thought you and your
audience would appreciate knowing about it. Check out the website and
the short video, it’s pretty inspiring.


G. -San Francisco


Hi Keith,

While I don’t think that you will be able to work this into your strip, I’ve got to share this one with you:

I’m on a cross-country flight from DC to San Francisco, coach, middle seat. There’s already a petite woman sitting by the window, so I’m hoping that the isle seat won’t fill. However, what should stop at my row but a person of, how shall we say, “substantial girth” (I’m talkin’ 300 pounds if the guys an ounce). When I notice him, he’s messing with getting his luggage overhead, but when he sits down—he’s got no left arm–gone clear up to the shoulder! Thus, I’m not crowded. Bizarre, no?!

Love your strip!

T. -MA

..for showing America how to play our game of baseball. The World Baseball Classic played the championship game here in Los Angeles and it was a thriller between the Japanese and South Koreans. Folks were cheering so loud at Dodgers Stadium, you could hear it here in Culver City.

A neat article in the Times about Korean baseball said that South Korean stadiums have open seating, so the first ones in get the best seats. Fans show up to game 2 hours before..and in the 7th inning, they pick up their trash with bags that are handed out. Nice!!

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