Huzzah!! The 2009 Glyph Award nominees were announced, and lo and behold, the K Chronicles were nominated once again!! The strip has already won the 2006, 2007, and 2008 award..I can’t imagine it winning again, but as they say: “It’s just nice to be nominated.”

Read the 2009 nominees list here.

Since we’re talkin’ out awards, could all you cartoonist and industry types mosey on over to the Harvey Awards website and nominate my Dark Horse compendium, the Complete K Chronicles, for a Harvey Award. And nominate the K Chronicles and the Knight Life for Best Comic Strip. Please?

We’re getting it together for our trip up to San Francisco for Wondercon. I’ll have plenty of Complete K Chronicles Collections, plus Arses, (th)ink collections and a small stash of out-of-print Dances with Sheep my very first K Chronicles collection!).

I’m also putting together a new slideshow for Saturday and I’m doing a signing at the Dark Horse booth on Sunday at 1:30pm.

Hope you’ll swing by and buy!!

I’ll have comics up later today!!

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