It just seemed appropriate to run it again.



First, thanks for the book. Writing/drawing it I mean. Don’t worry. I paid for mine.
(POWELL’S! Best reason to live in Portland!)

The commentary at the bottom of the strips was great. I’ve been reading the strip for a
long time now (I think in The Metro at first), and to see what you like or think about a
given strip was really cool. The girl on the train tracks in particular stuck with me a
long time. Oh, and the face on “Keith experiences a bidet for the first time” may be
your finest work. F—ing brilliant.

One note, and this is a product of having worked (once upon a time) at Streetlight
Records’ San Jose store for way too long: Your editor goofed on the band I.D. for your
note on page 317. The Nails did “88 Lines About 44 Women,” not Jim Carroll. I don’t
doubt the editor was thinking of “People Who Died.” Yeah, I know. Too much free time.
Eight years in a record store doesn’t wash off easily. (An aside: I still chuckle over
the old Marginal Prophets album flyers. The “black/jewish relations” dental photo still
occupies a synapse or two.)

Cheers, and maybe The Oregonian will be more amenable to the new strip (now that I’m up

Good job!
I wanted to write and thank you for your cartoons.I read them in the Funny Times.Your comics are clever,thought provoking,positive,and above all – funny! While many other cartoons demonstrate a rather narrow view of the world,or seem to have an axe to grind,yours are refreshingly broad in thier topics and at the same time genuinely hilarious.

S., Glenwood Springs Co.

This isn’t the most timely news, but your 10/31 link has a bad link for the
phrase “here is an interview I did today”. You link to the GIF in the
article, but you wanted this link:

My wife and I are big, long term fans, buying all the books, reading you on
salon. I was just setting up a new computer and I stumbled across your



I’ll be doing my world famous slideshow at Wondercon 2009 in San Francisco at the end of Feb.
when: Saturday, Feb. 28th 4:30pm-5:30pm
where: rm 236/238

I’ll be showing K Chronicles, (th)ink and the Knight Life, with a special focus on last year’s historic election!!

The Fetus formerly known as “Lil Gravy” began crawling this week. Funny thing is, he wouldn’t do it when we were in the room. We would walk out of the room and come back 5 seconds later and he’d be across the room. He’s a ninja!!


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