Because there’s a decent amount of free and cool stuff here in Los Angeles, including Peter Bogdanovich lecturing at the Hammer Museum last weekend. A Beastie Boys art exhibit opening at Gallery1988 and Judd Apatow’s A Night of Funny People at the Orpheum downtown.

I don’t usually do much outside of go to the library or a cafe to draw, but this past week was an exception. Fun stuff.

The breakout star of Apatow’s next film is a kid named Aziz Ansari.

The newspaper in Olympia, WA that was running my work has shut down. The first casualty of 2009, but probably just the beginning. It was a good run and I thank publisher/editor Terry Knight for all the support and wish him good luck with his future plans.

I’ll be entering a number of cartooning contests for the first time this year. Much props go to the Herblock Foundation for waiving the entry fee of their contest this year. They say the $$$ would be better served helping each cartoonist get through these rough times. Bravo!!


Dear Keith:

After seeing the movie Milk this weekend and having knowledge of Bayard Rustin, I Loved your
Dec. 11 cartoon in the S.F. weekly, few people even knew he existed, at lease I didn’t until last year, when they showed the movie ‘Brother Outsider’ at the LGBT center here in San Francisco.

Thanks for the great cartoon , I also remember you comic ‘The K Chronicles ‘in the Riverfront Times in St. Louis a few years ago , so I’m a fan .

Peace ,


(i just sold the original of the rustin piece to bayard’s partner in the last decade of his life. -kk)


Hi Keith —

Just read “More observations of a new parent” on Brings back lots of
memories. I remember thinking how great it was to be a new dad, and how after each new
development (first step, first words, first ….) it kept getting better. That’s still
true, 18 years later.



Hi Keith,

I see your cartoons in Funny Times every month and I want to say THANK YOU for the one about the Big 3 vs a national railway system. Your idea about hiring unemployed auto workers sounds a lot like Roosevelt’s Works program as part of his New Deal during the Depression.

I’ve been saying for YEARS that (back me up on this if you’ve travelled outside of the U.S.) if the French ran our railways and the Mexicans ran our bus system, we’d have a public transportation system that would make cars and planes far less necessary.
I’m waitin’ for the day.




The Seattle P-I started running The Knight Life last year, and it is the high point of the comic page along with Dilbert and Pearls Before Swine. Keep the funny coming!

This note is long overdue but I’ve put off contacting you because all I had
to say was a version of, “God, you’re work is funny and spot on and I save your
stuff to read the last in Funny Times and I get the daily strip from and it’s hilarious and The Leman and I are an interracial couple and while
I don’t even pretend to know what it’s like to be Black the two of you give me
the barest hint.” Y’know, the kind of email you get everyday. What prompts
this message is the Donner/Trans-Fat strip.

One of my favorite cartoons dates back probably thirty years and I believe
appeared in Playboy. A visibly distraught Santa is standing in the kitchen with
Mrs Claus, who’s stirring a large stew pot. She speaks:

“So from now on it’ll be Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen; Comet,
and Cupid, and Donner, and venison.”

Thanks for the Santa cartoons and all the rest.


– t.

(sadly, the hearst corp. recently put the seattle p.i. up for sale, and will probably kill it if it isn’t sold in within the next 2 months. anyone wanna buy a paper?-kk)


Hey there,

I stumbled upon The Knight Life on a few weeks ago and, I must
say, reading that comic everyday has been the 2nd high point of my morning
(maybe in a few weeks you will even bet #1 coffee ;) ). Unfortunately, I do
not remember the date, but I do remember that the comic was about
your mother-in-law and her German way of saying ‘good luck.’ As I had
just moved to Germany a few weeks before, I had encountered a few Germans
who ‘pressed their thumbs’ for good luck and my bewilderment matched your
comic persona. I then knew this was the comic for me.

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when another of your comics,
(th)ink, popped up. Then, as if it could not get any better, I visited your
website posted on that comic! I have been spending the better part of my
morning browsing through your site (work? what work?)

Just wanted to let you know that I find your comics to be humorous, timely
and well put. While I enjoy the regular ‘fluff’ comic as much as the next
guy, I love that you are willing to address issues and use day to day life
as your inspiration. Comics and comedy that makes a person truly think about
the world around them is, to me, the best kind. To change this world we have
to look at how it really is.

I look forward to being able to buy a book or two off of your website in a
few months once I am no longer living off of an intern’s salary. :)

Keep up the good work!!


PS…a little victory for you…Thinking that you got a parking ticket, only
to discover it is an invite to a no cover charge, neighborhood block party
with an awesome band and (even better) FREE German beer! :)

(great email!! now, go to the store and buy some stuff!!-kk)


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