Hope you and yers have a pleasant transition and a wondrous New Year!!


Hi there,

I emailed you yeeeeaaars ago saying I really liked your stuff as I saw it online. I work as a part-time freelance cartoonist here in Ireland and have periodically checked out your site to see what you are up to. I work full-time in a bookshop and when I heard you were publishing your stuff with Dark Horse in a kinda omnibus edition I ordered it for the shop (in all of Ireland ((this includes Northern Ireland) there are about 6 comic shops so outside of them we are probably one of the best stocked comic wise regular bookshops in the country and my boss still can’t believe how well comics sell). I put it aside for myself in my pile of stuff to buy (it’s a pretty big pile everytime) when it arrived and after coming home this eve, conking on the couch and now not being able to sleep I started reading the book beside my girlfriend who is currently drooling in sleepy bliss. She would be liable to beat me with it if I woke her and it is a hefty book so with
that in ming I have had to move from the bedroom to the sitting room as I cannot contain my laughter.

Thanks for a great read. I am only about one third of the way through and I will be mentioning it on me blog thingummy that I have started only this week. Anyway thanks I near wet meself with laughter. Please bring out another sometime and if you can ever make it to the Dublin Comic Convention it would be class!

All the best for the Christmas


(yes!! somebody bring me out to dublin as a guest!!-kk)

Mr. K.

Having finished the Complete K Chronicles
(which I checked out from the local public library)
I just had to give a little bit of support……………
for my appreciation of your work, wit, and the worth
of what you added to my last couple of days…..

thanks, M.

(props to his local librarian!!-kk)

Hi Keef,
I just wanted to say keep up the great work. I discovered you through Funny Times and read you regularly on Comics.com.

A middle-age-middleclass-suburban-white-guy-fan.



(53-year old white guys are my bread-n-buttah.-kk.)

Dear Keith:

I see your work reproduced in Funny Times, and it’s the bomb. Funny and smart is really
hard to achieve, but you’re doing it.

Thanks for keepin’ on.


(the FBI came to my house asking about this “bomb” stuff.-kk.)


Mr. Knight

Hi, I am from St. Croix but saw that you will be gracing our shores In Dec 11! Great to have you here. I am a big fan of comics in a variety of forms and I am glad that a socialy concious artist is comming. We have issues we do not like to disscuss or face locally here. You could give us some perspective on that from your point of view.

I had to ignore my passion for comics because I was told ” Be practical” Well I did and the passion for comics is still there! My passion for my “socially accepted” career choice is waining. Would love to have you on St. Croix sometime. But do enjoy your stay!


(please bring me to st. croix!!-kk)


After years of getting my fix monthly through funny times, I opened my monday minneapolis star/tribune to find they had your strip. Yes!!!
With zippy in the st paul press/dispatch I my morning reading is now fulfilled

(they’re referring to my new daily, the knight life, check it out at:

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