..Cuz I was cramming to get lots of strips done before I took off for Vegas for the holiday.

It’s the first road trip for the “Fetus Formerly Known As Lil Gravy” and he was quite the trooper. Meeting his grandpappy and great unks for the first time. Four generations of Knight men on the streets of Sin City.

Thanks to the very kind Ralph and Kate, I will be signing at L.V.’s finest comix shop from 4pm-6pm. I’ll be signing Complete K Chronicles books and the latest self-published I Left My Arse in San Francisco. How appropriate for this Black Friday. The address:
4800 S. Maryland Pkwy. ste. D Las Vegas, NV 89119

The University of Arizona brought me out to Tucson to address the students about my controversial comic strip (the K Chronicles: Stories from the Campaign Trail). The strip was mistakenly run the day after the election (world’s worst timing).

My favorite part was doing a roundtable with a group of black students earlier in the day. They voiced their frustration which seemed more about the timing of the strip, than the strip itself. What I learned from them made it clearer to me why the strip caused such a ruckus. Besides their being .1% black students on a campus of 30,000, U of A is also one of the campuses where the white fraternities had “blackface” parties on Martin Luther King Day. And the paper that ran my strip, had previously run some questionable comics in the past (albeit with another editor and staff).

I was disappointed with the turnout for the slideshow itself. But from what I heard from some black students, whites were saying “What’re you complaining for? The cartoonist is black.” (which is crap, by the way. If you have a problem with the strip, it doesn’t matter what color I am).

Anyhoo..There was a ton of T.V. news people there. and i turned down interviews from Fox , NBC and someone else. (I felt bad for the local FOX guy, since they don’t have much to do with the evil national FOX news, yet they are forever stigmatized). Everyone did a reasonably good job in reporting it. Here are a coupla links:


After the slideshow, I sat on a panel about the n-word and Hate Speech, signed books, and met the managing editor who effed up. He and the editor both were very sincere when apologizing about the mix-up.

Thanks to Seema and Zeke for bringing me out to the campus. I hope Montclair in New Jersey does the same thing.

Hi Keith,

I’ve written you before to thank you for the Chronicles, but have to do it again. This
one is brilliant!

I read two newspapers a day, but had not heard that Toyota continued to pay workers to do
community service during a downturn. That’s enlightened management. Why can’t we
Americans do that?

I’ve believed in the value of a passenger rail network for years, although the size of
this country compared to Europe makes the question more complex.

In any case, you’re insightful as well as funny. Keep it up!

Subject: 11/26 in Salon

Dude, that sh*t was on effin’ FIRE. Great comic. Thanks.

And the daily. I make a point of reading it online every day.

Take care,



I don’t know if you can make this work in two panels, but here goes.
I’ve been a fan of “K Chronicles” for many years and have written
five articles myself for “Funny Times” during these years,
meaning I have some concept of what makes humor works,
but when all is said and done, I don’t know sh*t.

So here goes:

I drive my wife’s truck to a garage for repairs. A guy in a fancy
Lexus pulls in the bay next to mine. While I’m waiting in the room
disdainfully leafing through old issues of “People Magazine,” there’s a big commotion
from the garage.
Incredibly, the guy in the Lexus had driven across Denver at 70 mph
with a tiny, black kitten trapped in his engine compartment under the radiator.
Miraculously, she was oily, greasy and traumatized but unhurt.
The mechanics talked about taking her to the “Dumb Friends League,”
but I figured this little girl had been through enough and I offered
to take her home.
(They did make me promise to name her “Lexus.”)

So I arrived at home with this 4-5 week old kitten the size of a teacup.
We cleaned her off, she fired down twice her body weight in cat food
and then declared herself the queen of the household. Lexus is
vibrant, vivacious, whimsical, entertaining.

I showed up at a garage with nothing in mind other then
my credit card balance and I arrived at home with
the kitten of everyone’s dreams. Sometimes the universe

By the way, my favorite “K” story of all time is #1222.
Please keep the laughs and nurturing chronicles coming.

Love and aloha,



Life’s Little Victories..

…like, having all 6 Obama yard signs on your road stolen the same night and seeing all
of them replaced the next day, most of them by a variety of hand-made, but perfectly
legible facsimiles. Yes, we can.

I see your work in Funny Times. I love it, keep it up!


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