…for not including my work in the recently released Best of American Comics 2008 which she served as editor.

I just caught her and fellow Evergreen College alumnus Matt Groening at the Hammer Museum this evening. They were part of the Conversations series, where two folks have at it on the stage in the Billy Wilder screening room.

It was great fun and Ms Barry is an energetic, hilarious force-of-nature. Groening rarely does this stuff, but was willing to do this cuz all you have to do is sit back and watch Lynda go.

Some funny Simpsons clips were shown, including a French commercial where Bart ends up naked at the end of it..and he purposely stays onscreen long enough so everyone can notice his penis. Funny stuff.

..it should be Wednesday afternoon.
That’s right!! I’m being flown into Tucson by the University of Arizona to perform my world-famous slideshow, and to address the controversy surrounding the now-infamous Stories from the Campaign Trail K Chronicles strip which includes the n-word..almost….twice.

If you ain’t hip to it, here’s some links:

I’ll be doing the presentation at 6pm, followed by a Q&A and panel about the N-word.

I know they’re a lot later than usual but I gotta lot to do. Anyhoo..This year’s calendar includes my Knight Life comic strip, a new daily syndicated by United Features.
Git on over to the store and order one or many, and don’t forget to email me if you want a little drawing on someone’s birthday!!

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