Wow. We finally get to experience a positive piece of American history again. It’s about time.
I just wish some of the elders in my fam lived long enough to see a black man elected president.

I figured it would happen in my lifetime, but not this soon.

I asked older family members, and they thought they’d never live to see it.

The strips I did this week were assuming Obama would get in, just like what Garry Trudeau did with Doonesbury. I had only one editor ask,”What if he doesn’t win?”.

And what a joy it was seeing the likes of Jesse Jackson with tears in his eyes.

I coulda watched images of black folks crying all night long ( I also enjoy watching Extreme Home Makeover much more when they have black folks on it, cuz we faint and cry and scream like nobody else).

Bravo, America. We took a big step forward in restoring our reputation in the world.

(th)ink by Keith Knight

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