a.k.a. Dolemite. Don’t know if y’all know who he is, but he made one of the most twistedly great Blaxploitation movies of all time, the Human Tornado.

It has everything you could possibly want: Inexplicably sped-up action, profanity, nudity, weird sound effects, and Rudy Ray Moore kicking the Man’s ass.

I went to see Moore’s last film, which he self-financed, during one of my last trips to New Orleans. It was the strangest movie I’ve ever paid money to see. The ending featured Moore zapping some guy with lightning bolts that came from his hands, which changed the guy into a drag queen, and Moore commanded him to “Swish, beeyotch!! Swish!!” And the guy involuntarily swished in high heels.

Rudy Ray Moore, you will be missed.

K Chronicles by Keith Knight (for googling purposes)

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