letter o’ the week:

Hey Keef,

I finally got paid by my broke-ass-bake-head roomie, and I put the money to good use. I bought a new
leather jacket for my motorcycle(priorities), some new tunes, a hot cup of joe, and two of your books.
(The bills were already paid ’cause the money was three months overdue.) I laughed when I got your other book because of the “sheep-love” inside…. I read your books to my Australian Shepherd “Casey” (think dingo) he is all about the “sheep-love” meaning that he likes to heard them into small groups. He’s not a bad dingo though, he fetches beer out of the fridge. Which is great so long as you don’t mind it all slobberly like.

Just wanted to say thanks for making me laugh, and making us (Th)ink.

P.S. When are you ever coming to speak on the east coast… like say Charleston? Reguardless of what the Reverend Jackson thinks we’re not all bad… plus we did manage to get those “sister-lovers” in the state house to take the rebel flag down!


D. Taylor Harris

Charleston, South Cac-a-lack-ie

(Not a stalker fan)

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